What we are learning from you: the research on Australian library and librarianship in China

Ying Shen, Guangdong Ocean University Library

Concurrent session 4
Tuesday 30 August 2016, 1:30pm - 1:55pm


Based on ten-year’s data (2006-0215) from CNKI and Wafang Data, two main Chinese academic document databases, the paper tries to implore the historical development and current situation of research on Australia library and librarianship by Chinese researchers.

The paper uses comparison as the methodology and bibliometrics analysis as the major method.

Through weighting Australia against other important developed countries (America, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Brazil, Italy, Russia, India, Canada) by their academic outputs (in the form of journal paper), the paper starts from the national perspective, measures the efforts Chinese researchers invest for each of these countries. The countries mentioned above, including Australia, are ranked according to the amount of the papers on them. Australia is the seventh.

The paper then focuses mainly on Australia. It collects and analyses the data related to the citation times of the papers on Australian library and librarianship (the median citation times is 1.01 and about 6% of papers are cited at least one time) and on which journals these papers concentrate ( more than 60% are published on high-quality journals) for examining the research quality; the annual rate of increase for grasping the research trend; the leading authors and institutions for knowing who are the most interested and active in this research field; and the hot keywords for understanding what aspects of Australian library and librarianship draw most of Chinese researchers’ attention.

By such comparison and analysis, the findings show that Australia is one of the important countries for Chinese researchers who are interested in foreign libraries and librarianship, but not as important as America, Japan, Britain, Germany, Russia and France. Such research on Australia is steadily increasing. More than half of the papers are published on high-grade journals. However, the citation times and the percentage of the cited papers are low. Just a few authors keep working on this field. Most of the authors only wrote one article about Australian libraries and librarianship. The aspect which attracts Chinese researchers most is Australian library management. This paper will offer Australian libraries and librarians a better understanding of what they really look like in Chinese researchers’ and counterparts’ eyes, and inspire them to discover effective and potential channels to represent their libraries, their jobs and themselves to the outside world, especially to China, and then forge cooperative bondings and engage in a far more meaningful and fruitful way.

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